Brit Awards 2019: 24 Memorable Moments That Defined The Brits

Wardrobe malfunctions, political statements and shocking celebrity feuds, the Brits stage has seen them all over the last 40 years, with plenty of iconic pop culture moments taking place at the awards ceremony each year.

We’ve rounded up the good, the bad and, indeed, the ugly for you, and hand-picked our 24 most memorable Brit Awards moments…

Best British Album is the category every UK artist wants to win at the Brits, so it’s understandable that Adele would want to soak up the moment.

Sadly for host James Corden, it looked as though her acceptance speech was going to overlap with Blur’s performance, and as he tried to hurry her along, a frustrated Adele wound up flipping the bird before leaving the stage.

The King Of Pop performed at the Brits just once in his career, and given what happened in 1996, it’s no surprise he decided never to come back.

While MJ was performing Earth Song, Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker stormed the stage and pointed his bum at MJ, before being removed by security. He later claimed he’d been upset by the pop icon’s choice to make himself appear Christ-like during the performance.

After the show, Jarvis was arrested – and subsequently released without charge – as he was accused of hurting three of the children on stage. Drama!

It’s now been 30 years since this happened, but we’re still puzzled as to exactly who thought that teaming up two completely unrelated non-presenters to host one of Britain’s biggest TV events was a good idea.

The excruciating evening was dogged with guest mix-ups, autocue fails and jokes that went down like lead balloons. So all in all, not a great night, but it is still being talked about, which surely counts for something, right?

They’d already been swapping insults in the press for a while, but things between Robbie and Liam came to a head at the Brits in 2000.

Our favourite part of this video is right at the end, when the late Caroline Aherne muses that her money would be on Liam…
What seems like a strange move looking back, David Bowie chose the then-leader of the opposition Tony Blair to welcome him to the stage, when he was awarded Outstanding Contribution in 1996.

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